Subsidy Policy

Exam Subsidy Policy

To qualify for an exam subsidy, you must:

  • Be a member of SAM
  • Have declared your Actuarial Science Major
  • Pass your exam.

SAM currently implements the exam subsidy by reimbursing students.  Register for the exam on your own.  After you pass, you must provide

  • A filled out reimbursement form
  • Proof of passing (preliminary pass is ok)
  • A receipt for your exam purchase
  • An up to date resume

Bring all of these to Professor Natarajan’s office (EH 2855).

SAM will reimburse the full time student price of each exam ‐ not the regular price.  The student prices are:

Exam Price
Exam P $225
Exam FM $225
Exam MFE/IFM $260
Exam C $300
Exam MLC $300
Exam S $340


VEE Subsidy Policy

You are eligible for a VEE subsidy if you:

  • Are a member of SAM and a declared Actuarial Science Major
  • Acquired all three credits
  • Passed at least two exams

Just like the exams, you can receive VEE credit by applying directly to the SOA/CAS and then getting a reimbursement.  Then, bring the following to Professor Natarajan’s office (EH 2855)