Exam Study Resources

The SAM Library

There are manuals available for each exam in Professor Natarajan’s office (EH 2855).  To place a reserve, pick up, or return a manual, please visit professor’s office at the following time:-

  • Tuesday 10am – 1pm
  • Wednesday 9am – 12pm
  • Thursday 10am – 1pm

Refer to the library guidelines for more information.

The AskWith Library

There are also study manuals for some of the actuarial exams in the Askwith Media Library, located on the 2nd floor of Shapiro Undergraduate Library (UGLi)

  1. You are only allowed to borrow the manuals for 4 hours interval
  2. Manuals cannot be taken out from the library building
Exam Library Call Number
P/1 B 29157 – Actex, B 29159 – Actex, B 29160 – ASM
FM/2 B 29164 – Actex
MFE/3F B 29165 – ASM
C/4 B 29166 – ASM (Part I), B 29167 – ASM (Part II)
MLC/LC B 29162 – ASM (Part I), B 29163 – ASM (Part II)

Online Study Manual

Besides, you can access the online study manuals compiled by the Faculty of Mathematics of Arkansas Tech University.

Exam P Exam FM Exam MFE Exam MLC Exam C

Exam Links

Exam Advised Pre-Requisite
Probability P/1  MATH 425
Financial Mathematics FM/2  MATH 424
Models for Financial Economics MFE/3F  MATH 423
Models for Life Contingencies MLC* MATH 520, 521
Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models C/4  MATH 523, 524
Statistics and Probabilistic Models S**

*Only for those pursuing SOA designations
**Only for those pursuing CAS designations

For more information, please visit either the Society of Actuaries or the Casualty Actuarial Society. If you need help with exams, another good resource is a discussion forum well-maintained by Actuarial Outpost (AO). You can also find important information such as job opportunities and salary survey on AO

VEE Resources

You much take one course to satisfy each VEE.  For each VEE, the acceptable courses are listed below.

For the VEE in economics, you must take both micro and macro economics.

Applied Statistics:

  • TO 301
  • ECON 452
  • ECON 406
  • STATS 500
  • ECON 672
  • ECON 674
  • IOE 366
  • ECON 503
  • STATS 413
  • STATS 575
  • ECON 678
  • OMS 301

  • ECON 101 and 102
  • ECON 401 and 402
  • ECON 601
  • ECON 603
Corporate Finance:

  • ECON 434
  • ECON 435
  • FIN 300
  • FIN 302
  • FIN 317
  • FIN 551
  • IOE 452

To receive credit for the VEE in Mathematical Statistics, you must take Econ 452 by Winter 2018.  Otherwise you will have to take the Statistics for Risk Modeling Exam.  Refer to the links in the section below for more information on SOA changes.

To find more information about VEE credit, consult the SOA’s website:

CAS/SOA Changes

The requirements for becoming an ACAS/ASA are changing on July 1, 2018.  You can find detailed information on the CAS/SOA’s website:

These requirements are constantly changing.  Research the latest requirements before planning classes.  Reach out to Professor Natarajan and the board members if you have questions about the changes.

Sample Resume

We have four sample resumes aimed at Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students.  These are designed to get you started, but you may need to adjust the format to fit your content.  Feel free to email any of the board members for individual feedback.

These files are provided as .docx so that you can download and edit them, however you should save your resume as a PDF before submitting it to companies.

Sample Resume – Freshman

Sample Resume – Sophomore

Sample Resume – Junior

Sample Resume – Senior


University of Michigan Scholarships


Other Scholarship and Awards

  • D.W. Simpson Scholarships
    • Award Criteria: Entering Senior
    • Application Deadlines:
      • Fall Scholarship: April 30
      • Spring Scholarship: October 31
      • Also Awards through Math Department
    • Website: